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X3: Albion Prelude Announced – a mid-way between X3: Terran Conflict and X: Rebirth

X3 TC (Terran Conflict) - Corporation station

New profitssssssssss...

Egosoft has just announced a new instalment of their fantastic X-series – my personal favourite. It is called X3: Albion Prelude and will be released 15th December – just in time for Christmas. It is supposed to draw on some of the greatest mods for X3: TC, and even improve the modability of the game. In terms of plot, it is placed in between X3: TC and the Rebirth.

The newsletter from Egosoft:

Christmas Buyer’s Guide: Action and Economics

Christmas time is almost here. Time to dig up all those savings you have been keeping for emergencies and buy the most essential and necessary Christmas gifts. But, if you are not after some insanely expensive gifts read this guide on buying some exceptional Economic and Action based computer games. Only because they are old does not mean they suffer any drop in quality. On the contrary, most of the time you won’t find anything like them, ever again. All the while, you save a lot of money on much more affordable purchases.This is the third part of our Christmas Buyer’s Guide series.

Hitman - Agent 47

Agent 47 was never cut out to be Santa Claus.

Deadly Designer Sins: Story and Plot

We live in the 21st Century. Although some might say we are constantly pushing the pinnacle of our technological advancement ever further and further, making games almost as real as my dreams, there is something I would wish to talk to you about. Deadly Designer Sins. This series is dedicated to one thing only, telling you, the reader, what I consider the ultimate mistakes in video game design. No matter, whether it is an FPS, action game, Strategy or a puzzle game. In today’s article I would wish to touch upon a subject which is very sensitive to myself: Story and Plot.

This article is a part of our Deadly Designer Sins series.

Bioshock - Big Daddy

The Big Daddies from Bioshock... Questions to ask. Why were they created? Why, are they protecting the little girls? Why can't they speak or function like ordinary "people"?