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The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Officers and Tanks.

The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Officers and Tanks.

Welcome to the second part of the guide for RO2. This time we will talk about the officer classes as well as the classes for the tanks. Want to find the full collection of our RO2 Guides? Follow this LINK!

The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Soldiers.

The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Soldiers.

Those who have played RO1 before would know about the different classes in RO2. Those who have never played RO1 or RO2 mind find all the different classes and their importance on the field somewhat baffling. In consequence a specific class might be wrongly used or people lacking experience might not know how to use it properly. With this relatively short guide you will get some insight as to how you use the different classes and at least have a general idea of your abilities and possibilities. So read on, and fear not! Stalingrad will look friendlier by an ounce after you are done.

Want to find the full collection of our RO2 Guides? Follow this LINK!

The Tank Commander’s Guide for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad – Part 1

Red Orchestra 2

You might be outgunned, outnumbered and surrounded. But if you know what you are doing you, and your tank will survive any critical situation, and come out on top.

Congratulations, you are inside a tank.Your very own Panzer IV or a T-34. Now you can drive through the ruins of Stalingrad and bring about the destruction of your enemies, main gun and machine guns blazing! You will run over enemy positions, forcing entire companies to flee from you, allowing your team to advance to victory, or hold back the Red/Fascist horde thanks to your indestructible steel plating and precise gun. Now, that we are done with this Fantasy, let us jump to the facts.

Want to find the full collection of our RO2 Guides? Follow this LINK!

Mud, Sweat and Tears. Off-Road Drive Review.

Do you like racing games?I was a fan of a few myself, although not a devout racing game player. Myself and my friend both enjoyed playing challenging racing games which high levels of difficulty, realism and customization which only an expert in car mechanics would understand (I was not one of those people). We created a term for people who do not play and understand realistic and demanding racing games. “Children of NFS” (Need for Speed). This came about because the vast majority of NFS games are, in essence, Arcade in feeling and playability. Cars have incredible handling at almost all times, they can do stunt jumps despite their mass not allowing them realistically to do so, etc. What is Off-Road Drive then? It is most certainly not a game for “Children of NFS”.

Off-road Drive

One of “those” situations. You hold 2nd place, about to finish your first lap... and then mud. Hopefully, you did everything that was necessary to reach the other end of this trap!

Project Zomboid: The difference between life and Undeath

It has been thirty days since this… mess started. Food is running low, during the recent trip to the Super Mart one of those things scratched your arm. Thankfully you had some pain killers and some cloth to bandage yourself up. You scratch your forehead and check your pack. You see your trusty pistol with its last clip already inserted, some water and a candy bar. You begin to look around your temporary safehouse and see that it was the house where you saw Miss so-and-so shamble toward you, the first time you saw one of these “Undead”. You see her carcass on the floor and the lamp you used to beat her head in… You decide to stand up, as your knees ache, you turn around and realised… the windows are uncovered. One of them turns toward you out in the street, stands lifelessly, staring at you as if you were a painting in some museum. With a single groan it begins to shamble toward your house. Instinctively you draw out your pistol and fire, the glass shatters, and the bullets flies harmlessly right next to it. Before you know it the whole street is bathed in groans and before long you hear the characteristic hammering and scratches on the front door… Looks like this is your last stand… Welcome to Project Zomboid.


Project Zomboid

Not exactly the best way to start a zombie apocalypse.

Welcome to the Jungle: A Men of War: Vietnam Review

Ever felt like you need a break from all the World War 2 conflict? Travel somewhere warm, meet interesting people and kill them? Hide in the mud while a passing American convoy rides into your trap and you personaly pull the trigger and all the tanks and trucks go ablaze? Welcome to Men of War: Vietnam. Now, you might had played Men of War or Men of War: Assault Squad and thought “Oh hey, a game where I get to make large scale Vietnam warfare? Sweet.”. Unfortunately, Men of War: Vietnam is not about large scale battles, where one side outclasses the other with super heavy tanks, artillery that creates moon sized craters, and spamming cheap infantry so that you can cap the victory point with sheer weight of numbers.


Men of War: Vietnam

When life gives you Hueys, retaliate with RPGs. Unfortunately for you, in Soviet Vietnam there is a shortage of those.

The Life of an Airborne Pirate. Iron Grip: Marauders Review

Iron Grip: Marauders Logo
Ever dreamt of being a Pirate? Myself, no. I found the concept somewhat frightening. You were either one of the “disposable” crew members who was thrown at the defending crew, getting hanged if you ever got caught. Or, you could be the captain, in which case, good luck not angering your crew, and getting a fate much worse than your fellow crew members. But, what about being a “Steampunk” Pirate? Iron Grip: Marauders answers that question.

A life of Crime. Review of the now FTP Crime Craft: Bleedout

MMORPGs, these days there are plenty of them. You get to be a Dwarf, Elf, Human, Celestial, Demon, Goblin, Wizard, Rogue, Warrior, Barbarian, Druid, Soldier, Mercenary, Necromancer, Warlock, a hybrid of a few classes, a monster (of some sort) and so, and so forth. Now, we are looking at CrimeCraft: Bleedout. Is it yet another Warcraft clone? Another generic MMORPG which will bore the tears out of you? Will you be forced to farm for gold? A thousand hides for a quest? Read on.

Crime Craft: Bleedout

Are they trying to keep *them* out… or me in?

Not one step back! Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Review

Red Orchestra, I still remember when I got it first.The way my jaw dropped when I at first tried the bot fights, watching the soviet soldiers charge forward with their Mosins at the counter attacking Germans. How later during the numerous multiplayer games I would get to love the different tanks, angling, the firing the turret at inferior Panzers, the use of different types of ammunition. The glory of victory when either as the Germans or Soviets we would take point by point until the enemy would be put against the wall, holding onto their last position only to lose. Or the grim taste of defeat when I would look helplessly how the enemy tanks smash through our defences and drive over our infantry. The shaking screen of the incoming bombardment, the smoke and fog soon after, the lifeless bodies of my comrades all around me. How we would hide in the empty fields from incoming machine gun fire, or in the ruins, waiting for the enemy tank to pass next to us and fire off our panzerfausts. That was the past. Now we have Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. What will be the verdict? Will the game keep the torch of its previous glory high and alight, or are we in for a disappointment?
Red Orchestra 2

The cutscenes introducing you to missions are true masterpieces.

Pedal to the Metal! Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Review

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is in simplest terms, racing in cars, with guns.Everything is happening in a Post-Apocalyptic setting, though what caused the downfall of humanity is as good a guess on my side as on yours. If you hoped for an in-depth story you are in for a disappointment. The same goes for thinking that you will have a chance to customize your car, or that there will be a few multiplayer game modes to pick from. Despite this, the game is still fun, enjoyable and light on the heart and mind. How? Ready on.

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem