Zafehouse: Diaries – 10 Tips – To survive those 10 seconds longer

Zafehouse: Diaries is similar, in certain respects, to FTL: Faster Than Light. There are numerous ways of tackling a problem, and although you victory or loss depends on countless factors (one of the major ones being luck) it pays to know the game, its mechanics and often what is the best thing to do, and why. In this short Tip List I aim at providing such knowledge, so that whenever you give Zafehouse: Diaries a try you might feel slightly more confident. This will not always let you survive that much longer, but maybe bring you an inch closer to the Choppah.

Zafehouse: Diaries

How do you turn five angry survivors with barely any equipment into “winners”?

Zafehouse: Diaries – 10 Tips – To survive those 10 seconds longer

  1. Search your house! – When you start any game you should first and foremost focus on exploring your house. You need every weapon, piece of food and medicine you can get your hands on. You might even be lucky and find a crucial piece of information needed to escape on the Chopper. If you fail to do this and, for example, decide to move onward you might had missed some much needed gear, especially weapons for Breaching new potential Safehouses.
  2. The more the merrier? – Certain tasks can be greatly sped up by assigning more survivors to them. However this can have some incredible downsides at the same time. There are two cases when assigning more survivors to a task is a bad idea: 1) The Survivors do not like each other (they can dislike each other even more, or even get into crippling fights). 2) You mix highly qualified survivors with unqualified survivors (from what I could tell, survivors might critique each other if the other member is “unqualified”). If the survivors like each other then the above two points do not weigh as heavily down on the group. There is only one exception to this rule, Breaching locations.
  3. Looking for a new Home – When faced with a location that must be looted or turned into a safehouse you have to take into account a number of things: 1) How important is the structure? If you aim at occupying a hospital, University, Church or Police Station prepare for one heck of a fight. Zombies tend to migrate to Special buildings, aside from Warehouses, Factories, Stores and Homes. Everything else should be considered “hot”. 2) How many zombie are there outside? Even though the building might have a handful of zombies more will come in to help their brethren. Always take the zombies outside into account. 3) How many Doors and Windows are there? The more the harder will it be to barricade the location. Certain Stores might be very easy to barricade (only 7 Entrances to be secured) while other times an entire church could take you a heck of a lot of time (23+ entrances). If you lack Power Tools and the firepower/manpower you might want to decide on checking less demanding locations first.
  4. Breach! Breaaaaach! – So, you found an interesting location you want to occupy, or scavenge for supplies? There are a few ways of tackling the problem of “Breaching” into a location. When you send survivors to a location you can select between three different tasks. Investigate, Breach and Assault. Investigate simply allows the survivor to check what the location is like and he can grant you a very rough estimate of how many zombies are outside/inside. Breach means that survivors will try to enter the building and clear it out. The success of a Breach depends on the Traits of the characters, the weapons you gave them, and the number of zombies. Although in a perfect scenario your survivors could even take out thirty zombies without breaking a sweat it is just as likely that your group will die to five zombies. When Breaching a highly infested location it is better to send in the whole group, rather than individuals. The more firepower you bring over the better. This is very important to understand, because once a character begins a breach he/she cannot flee or turn back. It’s victory or defeat!
  5. Clearing out high infestations – There are cases when you need to reach a destination, but you fear that there are simply too many undead for you to kill. Worry not, there are ways of handling this. First of all, Assault allows your survivors to “Attack” locations from the outside, using any weapons you gave them. It is a risky business, though not nearly as bad as “Breaching”, when you want to clear out a big building. The alternative is using distractions. If you have a Stereo or a Can of Gasoline you can place it a certain distance away from said location to force the horde out. Another alternative is sniping. If you have a Safehouse right next to the infected space hand your most experienced survivor a Rifle and order him to snipe at the undead. As long as he has enough ammo he will keep on firing. This will attract the undead, but if you have a few survivors patrolling outside you can continue to clear the building from afar indefinitely.

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  1. Deckers says:

    I’d just like to thank you for this excellent article, I’ve just started playing and it’s a steep learning curve to say the least!

    • WriterX says:

      Not a problem. There are new Patches coming out periodically, so the “Randomness” of Zafehouse Diaries will only increase! For the better, or worse. Soon, no Guide will help anybody, we will be always caught unprepared! <.< *creates incredible levels of Drama!*

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